TerraProForma (9917772 Canada Limited) was founded in August 2016 in Nova Scotia by Kara Holm and Thomas Curran.

It all began on a hot summer evening in Vienna in 2016 at a birthday celebration. Some younger members of our party kept leaving the table to collect Pokémon characters the day the game launched in Europe. At the same time, we became aware of the ubiquitous presence of SnapChat filters. It occurred to us that the mainstream availability of augmented reality could be used beyond novelty applications to improve engagement with customers so as to drive business results.

We are interested in converting activity in the “AR” realm to quantifiable business metrics. We develop technology-enabled solutions to address clearly defined business issues, rooted in entertaining consumer experiences. We bridge the gap between customer experience and actionable business intelligence by helping our clients engage with a highly desirable psychographic segment of the population – entertainment and experience seekers.